History of the Czech-German Society for Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

The history of the Czech-German Society for Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery (CZ-GE ORL-HNS) dates back to the early 90s of the 20th century, when the fall of the Iron Curtain made it possible to renew closer cooperation between otorhinolaryngologists from the Czech Republic and Germany again.

The first bilateral meeting of Czech and East German ENT specialists took place in Usti nad Labem in 1989. Another important step was the founding congress of Central German ENT specialists in Weimar (1992), to which a group of Czech otorhinolaryngologists were invited and on this occasion they became members of the newly founded association of Central German ENT specialists.

The idea of establishing contact and then organizing a regular scientific meetings in order to share experience and the latest medical knowledge between the two countries came from the Dpt. of ORL-HNS in Pardubice led by prof. A. Pellant, who, with the help of prof. H. Ganz (Marburg) and prof. K. Muska (Erfurt), managed to make a connection with the Dpt. of ORL-HNS in Jena led by prof. E. Beleites and his deputy prof. H. Gudziol and organised the very first Czech-German ENT Days congress in Sec (1998). Two other meetings in Jicin (2001) and Wolfersdorf (2002) have also been organised in cooperation and friendship between of all those named. Since then, with the exception of 2020 due to the Covid-19 epidemic, these meetings have been held annually, each time alternately in the Czech Republic and Germany, and a number of ENT departments from both countries have already participated in their organization.

With the approaching 20th anniversary of the first Czech-German ENT Days congress, efforts to further development the already extraordinary cooperation between the Czech and German ENT specialists intensified. On the occasion of the 93rd Annual Meeting of the German Society of ORL-HNS on May 28, 2022 in Hanover, the presidents of both national ORL-HNS Societies, Jan Plzak and Hans J. Welkoborsky, signed the official statutes of the CZ-GE ORL-HNS. The official annoucement of the newly founded CZ-GE ORL-HNS took place at the jubilee 20th Czech-German ENT Days congress in Pilsen where at the same time prof. Pellant and prof. Gudziol was awarded honorary membership of the CZ-GE ORL-HNS.

On November 20, 2023, another important milestone in the history of the CZ-GE ORL-HNS took place – its official acceptance as an affiliated member of Confederation of European ORL-HNS.


19th Czech-German ENT days – 17. – 18. 9. 2021,  Halgerstadt, Germany

18th Czech-German ENT days – 19. – 21. 9. 2019,  Pardubice, Czechia

17th Czech-German ENT days – 17. – 18. 9. 2018,  Brandenburg, Germany

16th Czech-German ENT days – 12. – 13. 9. 2017,  Ústí nad Labem, Czechia

15th Czech-German ENT days – 22. – 24. 9. 2016, Hamm, Germany

14th Czech-German ENT days – 7. – 11. 6. 2015,  Prague, Czechia

13th Czech-German ENT days – 26. – 27. 9. 2014, Stralsund, Germany

12th Czech-German ENT days – 11. – 12. 10. 2013, Liberec, Czechia

11th Czech-German ENT days – 21. – 22. 9. 2012, Leipzig, Germany

10th Czech-German ENT days – 21. – 22. 10. 2011, Karlovy Vary, Czechia

9th Czech-German ENT days – 8. – 9. 10. 2010, Bad Salzungen, Germany

8th Czech-German ENT days – 23. – 24. 10. 2009, Pilsen, Czechia

7th Czech-German ENT days – 20. – 22. 6. 2008, Bad Berka, Germany

6th Czech-German ENT days – 31. 1. – 3. 2. 2006, Jablonné nad Orlicí, Czechia

5th Czech-German ENT days – 15. – 17. 9. 2005, Dresden, Germany

4th Czech-German ENT days – 2. – 3. 4. 2004, Býkov, Czechia

3rd Czech-German ENT days – 26. – 18. 4. 2002, Wolfersdorf, Germany

2nd Czech-German ENT days – 30. 3. – 1. 4. 2001, Jičín, Czechia

1st Czech-German ENT days – 1998, Seč, Czechia

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